EPPS Personality Test

Test Date : 17 November 2019

Please read before you begin.

  1. Read each statement and order of this test carefully. If there is a problem, please contact the officer immediately.
  2. This questionaire comprises 225 questions, each containing two sentences.
  3. The time to complete this test is 50 minutes.
  4. Select the sentence that more closely applies to your personality.


    A. I enjoy telling other people stories about me

    B. I like to work in accordance with the goals that I set for myself

    If A applies to your personality more than B, choose A.

    If B applies to your personality more than A, choose B.

  5. If neither describe your personality, select one of the two which more closely resembles your personality.
  6. In case you like or dislike the two sentences. Let's choose the sentence you like more than one sentence.


  1. Choose your answeres based on your actual personality is, and not who you think it should be.
  2. There is no right or wrong answer. Please answer the most sincerely.
  3. In each of them. Please choose only one sentence: A or B only.
  4. Please answer all the questions.
  5. Please do not take too long into consideration.